Enamel Pins by Justine Gilbuena - A Shout Out


I was browsing Etsy a few weeks ago searching for some vintage trucker pins (surprisingly, these are very hard to find).

Once I went about as far as I wanted to into the abyss of Etsy pages (about page 10) with no luck, I decided just to search for some new enamel pins. Almost immediately this black sewing machine pin from artist Justine Gilbuena caught my eye.

My wife said she wanted some bling for her purse. Since she is an amazing seamstress, this was perfect. I scrolled through Justine's shop a bit more and came across a matching black cat pin. Had to have. Done. Bought.

The pins arrived quickly and with fantastic packaging, including a little handwritten note and a tempory tattoo :) Too cool!

The pins themselves are very well made and are nice and large - about an inch and half. The art work is great, and the colors are vibrant.

I hope to find some more pins in her shop for future purchases!
These pins would make a great gift for any seamstress in your life.

Here's her shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/justinegilbuena

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