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Beautiful well-designed accessories for original living

"Our designs are simple, useful, well-made, unique and beautiful. We want to make something special that you will look forward to using every day." - Me.

That's my quote. That's what I say when people ask what we do. The guiding ideas behind all our designs are simplicity, uniqueness, usefulness, beauty, and suburb construction. We want to create something you enjoy using day after day - and for a long time.

Hi! Justin here. Welcome to Five Sprouts Stitching. My wife, Sarah, and I are indie artisans originally from the San Fransico Bay Area and currently residing in the sun-scorched prairies of Wyoming.

We have a passion for designing and handcrafting unique accessories for day-to-day life, travel, productivity, and creativity.

The fabrics are chosen for their unique, colorful, and bold designs. They come mostly from indie design houses and are purchased from small quilt shops or right here from Etsy! We are committed to helping other small businesses.

Thanks for stopping by! Please let us know if you have any questions.

All the best!
Justin - Five Sprouts


A little more about us..

My wife Sarah and I have been Etsy sellers since 2011, have over 6500 sales, and a five star rating. Each and every product is handmade by us - from the first cut of fabric to the final stitch - in the great state of Wyoming. We are committed to making unique items that you will love! All our products come with a no-questions asked 30 day money-back guarantee.